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Day 41 Magdalena to Socorro
today: 27 miles cumulative: 835

Today, today I will see her. At the Magdalena cafe there are 12 trucks parked outside, no cars. The cattle men are always first, they drive the trucks, then come the politicians, they never do much work so they show up much later. Tomorrow is the election and all the candidates for mayor are in the cafe heckling each other about what they will do when they win. I have seen their faces on fliers around town so I know that they are running for office, the fliers look like wanted posters. A man who looks like Santa Clause is the loudest at the table, his name is Bill. I like Bill. I am not meeting people here yet, not quite finding what I am looking for, maybe if I just have one more cup of coffee, and sure enough a woman named Paula invites me to stop by her house. Paula lives outside of town under the big white M that is painted on the side of a hill. She has a huge home with an indoor pool and walls covered with art and artifacts. Her husband worked for Citi Bank and they have lived all over the world in places like Bali and Uzbekistan and Mexico. She would like this place to be a center for creative minds, something like an artists retreat, something like I am building outside of Santa Fe. I have not talked about Hueyhaus, conceived one Halloween night at the Circus house in Cerillos, New Mexico, near Santa Fe. Those Circus girls, and yes they are literally in a circus, know how to throw a party. And what ever they put in that punch worked because I had planned on getting rid of my house and instead I decided to stay and build hueyhaus, and Brad decided to quit his job in Denver and move to Santa Fe to help me. Together we are building a place for artists to live and work, where we can collectively tap into the waters of creation. I believe that the place I have landed on outside of Santa Fe has a Ganges River running beneath it and that with the help of a few creative souls we can drill deep enough to tap into the very fountain head of creativity, and drink from a well of infinite potential. Music, art, film, performance. Paula and I have much to discuss, perhaps we will have some exchanges and use each other’s spaces she suggests. She wants me to come back with Alissa. Magdalena would be a better place to rest than a dirty motel in Socorro anyway. I love finding new mothers. See you tomorrow Paula.

Down hill to another great flat by the Magdalena mountains and past Box Canyon where I have performed impossible gravity defying feats and found great orbits around unseen suns, but that tangent has already been explored, so I will now insert a description of the descent from Magdalena to Socorro written by Joel Bensen, a student of Geomorphology at The School of Mines.

"The Magdalena Mountains were uplifted long ago (-20 points for not being more specific than "long ago") and are now part of the Basin and Range Physiographic Provence. The Magdalena’s are a mineral-rich area, which were once mined. The minerals were placed in these mountains by metasanatism (+5 for a big word).

Hot fluids from an intruded pluton (+5) made these rocks rich in minerals.

Also present in the Magdalenas is spectacular amygdaloidal basalt (+5). Closer to Socorro the rock is mostly andesite. The large "M mountain" outside of Socorro is all that remains of a caldera. This is also the area of the Rio Grande rift. The extension due to rifting causes many normal faults. These normal faults cause land forms known as half-grabens. The internal heat of the earth is the cause of the activity which made these land forms. Today Socorro sits on a Magma body. Maybe someday it will blow us all to hell." -by Joel Bensing

Joel gets a grade of 95, but will receive extra credit for his optimistic final remark, which is pretty good considering it only took him 3 minutes to write it down on a napkin. It is better if I don’t talk about Box Canyon today again because people will think I’m tripping or something when really I just found a portal to another universe, P.S. don’t tell anyone, we don’t need any tourists around here.

Beer and Pizza with the boys of 410 Terry street, a college house I know from climbing trips. Alissa won’t be in until late so I have time to rest and I am not going to write anymore because damnit this is a rest day and I don’t have to solve the problems of the world everyday, somedays its OK to just drink beer and eat pizza.

Around midnight it is time to go to the El Camino, Socorro’s 24 hour food emporium, breakfast served all night, to meet Alissa. This visit has been my reason for living for the past 2 weeks especially. All the songs all the temples all the telling you too much about how I feel, I did all of these things to keep me sane until today, and today there will be no substitute, today she replaces the things and the talk and the mile markers. And I come limping into town with blisters on my feet, but I know when I lay down in her arms.... there’ll be no gravity, there’ll be no highway anymore, there’ll be no shoulder, there’ll be no shoulder of the road, and there will be no pain, and I will not be afraid, in her arms. That song from weeks ago that kept me sane.

And before I even get inside the restaurant I know she is there because of the blinding light coming out of the windows. How can these people not be blinded by it!? I want to carry her off like Gone With The Wind, but instead I kiss her softly and we head for the Sands Motel. It is $25 and way too brown and orange and small, but all of that fades away because all I can see are her green eyes and all I can smell is her hair and her body feels like warm air all around me and I am so happy that it makes me cry and even typing this I am crying because that is the perfect place and we all want to stay in that perfect place, and everything slows down and what I wanted in that song comes true: no gravity, no highway, no shoulder of the road, no pain, no fear, no cold, no movement, slowly the world stops rotating and the universe stops expanding and the thoughts stop coming and then we just are, and this is how I want to feel for the rest of my life. God I missed you so much and I love you. Slowing down. Silence. Peace.