Journal 3
Journal 5
Day 99 Highlandville to Ozark
today:6 miles cumulative:1,971

3 hours of sleep is not enough, but I need to get these miles to Ozark in before the sun gets too high. For the first time in a week a car pulls over to ask what we are doing, and what is our cause. "Human evolution." The man is very confused, he does not respond. At the end of the conversation he asks again and I say that I think I can speed up evolution by living in the unknown, outside, more people, more knowledge. Never enough, never stop learning. He looks hurt. His wife says, "The Lord Jesus is all we need, we have never had the need to do anything like what you are doing." Well, I shrug my shoulders, I have nothing to say to that. Have a good day. I’m on my way.

"999 out of 1,000 are perfect slaves." - Thoreau, a quote Jon Swenson sent me, a quote that was his favorite until he thought about it, now it makes him sad because he believes it. But even sadder news Jon, it is not 1,000 it is 5 billion or 20 billion or whatever we are at now on this overpopulated planet. Caring capacity soon to reach and end. Nothing to do with a religion, everything to do with the ones who will not ask questions.

Exit to Ozark, already at 11am it is too hot to walk, I will be sitting in a booth with a pot of coffee for 6 hours. I hope my waitress does not have mean face. Her name is Tonia, and she does not have a mean face, she says I can stay all day. Where’s the time clock, I want to get paid for this work, I will be working for 6 hours today, then I will walk 25 more miles. Will they really let me sit here for 6 hours? Working on the product today but I do not mind because the product has the secret in it and it is worth making a product when it is part of the process of waking up.

On a payphone back by the restrooms I call Bett, my wrestling queen, on the phone. She is my every-woman. She is my lover, my sister, my mother, my friend. She has seen me cry and seen me roar. At my weakest, when I told her that every day hurt and everyday I was afraid and that I did not want to be alone. Telling her all the things that make me human. Telling the Titan my Achilles. See you soon beautiful, we will wrestle when I get home. Dance around a 20 foot burning bull, beat our chests, and I will roar and stomp, pull dreams out of our heads and build them and show them to people and say look at this! it can be done! Get the dreams out at any cost. Bett, I will talk to the clouds today for you, request a special show for Santa Fe. Watch for it soon.

Tiffani is my second waitress for the day, I have been here so long that I see the shift change and feel obligated to buy another meal that I can’t afford. Tiffani sits down beside me and wants to hear my story, then another waitress, Lynae, sits down with us. "Let me see if I can take care of this, Lynae says, as she takes my ticket. My beautiful waitresses have saved the day, ladies, my hat is off to you. Sitting behind me are two more beautiful girls, giddyup. Kathy and Melissa both look younger than they are. Somewhere between the age of 16 and 19. They are both 21.

They want me to write about them, I tell them to dance on a table and I can assure them many pages of writing. They are tempted but there are rules or something like that. They want me to stay for the beer Olympics at SMSU this weekend, but I have already had my beer Olympics in Canyon, Texas, and Norman, Oklahoma. I am retiring for the duration of this walk. Everyone knows my story in this restaurant, I have been here for 7 hours, today was that hot. Goodbye my beautiful waitresses, see you down the road. Outside John Pickel tells me that I can’t go out in this weather, he is on standby with the Ozark Volunteer Fire Department for a Severe Thunderstorm watch. Shaizza (That is not the correct way to spell shit in German but deal with it). Come over to our house so you can get your dog inside, we could be getting some pretty big hail. Why not. Mr. Pickel draws me a map.

John and his wife Janet live in a small rectangular cinderblock building, safer than the wooden ones around if there is a tornado, and the report says there is a possibility of a tornado, so Janet’s sister and her son Ben are here too, in case we all have to hide. But until it hits we will sit outside and watch the massive Cumulus clouds rising above the dark storm, lightning between the two. Cosmo finds long grass to roll around in. A lazy day. I hope I see a tornado. John takes me in before he goes out to track the storm. He tells me where the koolaide is, where his video collection is, if I want to watch anything while he is gone, gives me towels for the shower, wheels my cart inside the living room, and after knowing me for 5 minutes he leaves me in his home. He has given me access to everything he owns.

The storm is shifting. East and back South again, there is a tornado, but not here. Damn. John and Janet return with the news. "Well, you got time to stick around for some pizza?" John asks. Of course I do, I want to know who the Pickels are. They met because Janet worked at Walmart with John’s sister. They just got married a few months ago, they work at a restaurant up the road, they do not have a telephone. John’s true love is engine repair. They do not know what they will do in the future, what their dreams are. For now they are just getting by. Like a lot of Americans. Pizza is here. Hanging out with 8 year old Ben. For the love of Krishna, don’t give him any sugar, he is hyper enough, but too late, he has eaten a huge bowl of blue ice cream and it is running down his chin. He is bouncing off of everything, he is bouncing off of me, he is trying to handcuff me and ride my shoulders and he is like a ricocheting bullet. They offer me their couch for the night and an alarm clock. I didn’t sleep much last night, and there’s no way I’m going out there after eating all this pizza. So lets all eat some ice cream and cookies and watch Star Wars. The dog cart is still in their living room, we move it to the side so we can see the TV. Light sabers. Every man wants a light saber. If they say they don’t they are lying. Fear is the dark side, use the force. Fight the fear. I am enjoying this vacation.

Ice cream and Pizza and soda and koolaide and cookies and if I’m not careful Ill end up staying here and gaining 50 pounds and eating more pizza and ice cream and drinking more soda and gain 50 more. But before I can even finish all of my food I fall asleep. In the middle of a conversation with John I fall asleep. Sleep deprived and full of junk food. I sink into the couch, someone puts a blanket over me. Game over man.